Talbot-Ligier JS17

by Roger Dutemple


Manufacturer: Tenariv

Jacques LAFFITE, Canadian GP 1981
scale: 1/43

What you find in the box with the decals and the instructions sheet

b.jpg (95349 bytes)

Sanding and cleaning the resin parts before painting.

c.jpg (73956 bytes)

d.jpg (61655 bytes)

Assembly of the chassis parts. They will be painted in matt black.

e.jpg (57090 bytes)

Painting of the chassis, the body and the rear wing.

f.jpg (50102 bytes)

Painting of some details.

g.jpg (48115 bytes)

h.jpg (56395 bytes)

Final assembly.

i.jpg (59076 bytes)

l.jpg (51838 bytes)

Applying decals as shown on the pictures of the instruction sheet.

k.jpg (42795 bytes)