Zakspeed 871

by John Horst


Manufacturer: Tameo

Zakspeed 871

Driven by Christian Danner in Monza 1987.

Kit number: TMK066

Erich Zakowski's team built up a solid reputation in salon car racing in the late 1960s, adopting the name Zakspeed in 1970. In 1983 Zakowski was looking towards F1 and the compact Zakspeed Formula Racing division was set up. Its turbocharged four-cylinder F1 engine ran for the first time in September 1984. My model shows the Zakspeed 871 which are used during the 1987 Formula 1 season. The car was driven by Martin Brundle and Christian Danner. The best result was a 5th place in Imola by Martin Brundle.

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