Tameo Toyota F1 - 1/43

by Dan Hartz


I'd like to offer up brief review of the new Tameo Toyota kit. In some ways the kit is typical straightforward Tameo, but in others it appears more complicated than was probably necessary.


The body, baseplate, barge boards, front wing and endplates, and the airfoil sections of the rear wings are all cast in white metal. In the case of the front wing and endplates and the barge boards, it would appear to be a good choice of material. Because of the complex curves, photo etch never would have looked right. All the white metal parts are very smooth with very faint mould lines.

DSCN0004.jpg (61652 bytes)

 The wheels are very well done in turned aluminium with silver photo etch inserts. The finish on the wheels are very bright and almost look chrome plated, but they aren't. The model represents the Monaco car and has winglets all over it. There is one on top of the airbox and another mounted above the rear suspension just in front of the rear wing. There are two small winglets on the sidepods that are made up of very small photo etch parts. These could prove tricky to build and apply. The right one has to be added after decaling, as it needs to be painted red. Overall, the body shape appears to be accurate. The trickiest part of the kit will probably be the mounting points for the upper front suspension. While the suspension mounts directly into the body, there are two really small photo etch pieces that need to be folded up and attached over the suspension mounting points on each side. The two smaller pieces need to be painted red.


The decal sheets (two included) look outstanding. They are very cleanly printed and everything is readable. The rear wing endplate markings are supplied in red, making painting much easier. There are quite a few decals to represent the carbon fibre on the suspension pieces. The body is to be
painted in white and unusually, Tameo recommends touching in areas of red before the decals go on. Taking this route is probably a recipe for disaster because guessing where the decals are going end up on the model could be tricky. I'd suggest touching up the red after decal application and clear coating if necessary.

This is another outstanding Tameo release with a few quirks. Being the first new modern F1 kit by Tameo in a number of years, it is certainly welcome.

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