Trajectoire V1 McLaren M30

Kit revue

by Peter Radcliffe

Craig Boon a McLaren fanatic was overjoyed when I told him of this new kit. Apparently only one car was built and raced four times by Alain Prost. It was then crashed and no further M30 cars were produced. Two races were run without front wings (this version) and two with nose wings so perhaps this version will follow.
The instructions are well printed and appear clear and adequate.


The main Body and chassis are in resin, the body being prepainted. The paint finish is excellent and holes for suspension etc. have been drilled out before painting. The detail cast into the parts is simple but adequate and is very similar in style to Tenariv. There are 12 other resin parts, 4 tyres, 6 turned wheel rims, a vac formed screen, 2 pieces of wire for axles and tubes, 2 frets of photoetch and a nice sheet of decals with enough tyre wall decals to do both inside and outside of the tyres. Unlike Tenariv the suspension is of brass photoetch, the other fret being painted white parts.
This looks as if it should build to produce an excellent model of a missing link in McLaren F1 history.

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