SMTS Maserati 4CLT

by Peter Radcliffe

Manufacturer: SMTS

Maserati 4CLT, 1/43rd

The first of a new range from SMTS called "Blueprint" is the classic "San Remo" Maserati. The 4CLT was launched in 1948, it had a twin tube chassis with two stage supercharged 16 valve 4 cylinder motor developing about 240 bhp. The power did not match the 340 of the similar weight Alfa or the power of the new V12 125 Ferrari but its handling was on a par with the Alfa and superior to the Ferrari. The Maserati team had the services Luigi Villoresi and Alberto Ascari and it was also available and affordable to private entrants. Ascari led Villoresi in a debut 1st and 2nd place hence the San Remo title. The car would also be raced with great success by B. Bira, Fangio, Gonzales, Parnell and others.


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The SMTS model

The pictures of the built models are three of the eight available as factory built models and all were beautifully finished. The kit appears to be of high quality and has received good reports from my customers. The built models are of the blue Bira car, the red #34 is Ascari's San Remo car from 1948 and the #18 Villoresi's 1948 British GP car.


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Kit revue

The kit is well packed, The white metal parts are packed in a separate bag from the Photo etch parts and wire wheels. The decals look clear and well defined. The castings are notably free from flash and mould lines are in areas where they will be easy to clean up. The tyres have an excellent shape and tread and the instructions are clear and well drawn. Even the small windscreen is cut to shape so this should be an excellent choice for both expert or new comer to 43rd scale white metal kits.

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