Ferrari F1-2001

Montecarlo GP M.Schumacher BBR Models

by Roberto Quaranta


This is one of the models I built for the collectors. From many years I never time to build a lot of model for me, but its fun the same. In this way I have the possibility to build the models that I will never purchase. This model is build practically straight of the box, whit little modifications.
The only modifications are the little aerodynamic fin and the air intake on the nose, the two air outlet of engine and a general sharpened of the body.
The mayor attention is in the paint work. My intention is to spread many coat of varnish, but very very thin with airbrush. In this way, the paint work will be uniform without orange peel and heap of varnish around engraving.
The paint used are a automotive primer to start in three coat, four coat of white and four coat of Tamiya red TS49. After the decal a three coat of Tamiya gloss varnish finish the work.
All pieces are paint separately for a better result, and assembled whit a epoxy cement.
Special attention is for the cleanness of the entire work. The photo are a ruthless judge.


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Editor note: Roberto Quaranta lives in Casalpusterlengo, Lodi, Italia. He is 40 years old, modeller from 30 year. He has built all type of models, planes, tanks, ship, auto and motorbike. His interests now is centered on the models from 24H Le Mans. He also builds models for collectors and the F1 2001 is one of these.