Ferrari F2002 MG Model Plus 1/12 scale

by Mario Covalski


Since several years ago, the Italian manufacturer MG have been offering all Ferrari F1 models in 1/12 scale and others, made of resin, white metal and pe parts. Right now we are showing a short preview of the new issue, the Ferrari F2002, Imola GP- San Marino version for Schumi and Barrichello. Very soon the full review and then the building report, meanwhile enjoy this photos.


Ferrari2002.jpg (107220 bytes)

Highlights of the model

A lot of parts...
A lot of PE... and a lot of spare PE!
Easier assembly (take a look at the suspension sub-assemblies)
Accurate FULL engine details
Turned wheels with white metal 7 spoke rim and PE BBR marks
Steering wheels more accurate, with full PE leverages
Disk brakes with brass and steel PE details that need no painting
A lot of nuts and bolts (less pins than the last years, fortunately)
Removable wheels (taking care, obviously...)
Radiators... I think you should have seen the radiators: you can choose either the resin parts as they are, or detail them with front/rear PE, or build new ones and leave the resin in the spare parts... as you like!
Optional seat belts position
Delicate details over the radiators
Full options to start a full wiring of the car


side.JPG (80075 bytes) radiator.JPG (116012 bytes) upper.JPG (64710 bytes) engine.JPG (98711 bytes)
Image1.jpg (69987 bytes) Image2.jpg (76875 bytes) cockpit.JPG (60062 bytes) front wing.JPG (119583 bytes)
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Instruction manual

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