The Scarab

by Peter Radcliffe


The Scarab was the project of Woolworth heir Lance Reventlow. It was beautifully built in Venice California by a team experienced in sports car and hot rod construction. The frame was multitube of small diameter tubes, all independent suspension. The front engine which by all accounts made a fantastic noise was an Offenhauser like DOHC 4-cyl engine was canted steeply in the frame to create a very low bonnet line.

Leo Goosen, the pre war Miller designer played a major part in the engine design but despite its noise it never provided the horsepower projected or needed to make it remotely competitive. Reventlow and Daigh completed about half the 1960 season before money and enthusiasm ran out.


In 1961 Daigh returned to the UK with one car now with a 3 litre engine to run in the Intercontinental Formula events but crashed at Silverstone and that ended the front engine story. There were three front engined cars but one was never completed and these were followed by a single rear engined ICF car that ran briefly in Australian Tasman events.


This rear engined and one of the Front engined cars appeared at Goodwood.


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