Tameo Brabham BT46

(and a short history behind)

by Len Edwards



Here the history

Peter, I visited you at the end of July and purchased a Tameo Brabham BT46, I just thought
you may be interested to see my effort...
I must say that I have really enjoyed myself and I was continually impressed with the detail
and quality of this kit, the gearstick was a case in point - Beautiful.
I think I would be the first to admit that there are some things I am not really happy with - the
windscreen for starters was a pig to cut out, but overall I am delighted with the final results.
All the best
Len Edwards.

P.S. Expect to be hearing from me for further purchases......I'm hooked

Its nice when you get this sort of result from a first time 43rd builder, I must admit I feared he had perhaps been over confident in this kit as a first attempt but as you can see I need not have feared. Congratulations Len and we look forward to your second purchase results- Tameo Hunt WCT Mclaren and March six wheeler

...Now, the model

BT46-5.jpg (48515 bytes) BT46-4.jpg (36557 bytes) BT46-3.jpg (35492 bytes)
BT46-2.jpg (75237 bytes) BT47-8.jpg (32406 bytes) BT46-6.jpg (43340 bytes)
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